The Studio

The Studio

Packaging Prototyping – The studio at 2D8Creative is fully equipped to provide our clients with a robust cost-effective professional packaging comps solutions in short runs and very quick lead time.

One of California’s leading professional packaging comp solutions. If you are looking to outsource your packaging mock up needs, 2D8creative has you covered!

2D8creative studio manufactures photographic quality comps, mockups, short run packaging and prototypes for our clients locally/domestically.

2D8Creative delivers advice, products, and services that will empower companies and professionals to achieve faster, cost-effective, and superior on-demand “retail shelf-ready” manufacture quality packaging mockups. We can work in short runs and on-demand, whether you need one or one thousand, we have you covered.

2D8creative has a proven  ability to develop innovative technologies that simplify what can be a cumbersome and complicated process.

Designers, inventors, Project/product managers understand the limitations of utilizing office printers, spray adhesive and X-ACTO ® knives,  to produce a fair packaging comp. These conventional  processes are obsolete today, when changes, rapid development and efficiency are at the core essence for a successful operation.

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Our core services:

3D Modeling

Bar Codes


Bread Bags

Candy Wrappers


Clear Labels

Clear Poly Bags Full Color + White + Silver Printing on Wide Array of Substrates

Corrugated Boxes

Detailed Pallet Report ( All the sales info needed for product sell sheets/submission, vendor compliance, configurations of packing inner cartons, master cartons. )

Folding Cartons

On-Demand Digital Robotic Die-Cut

Over-the-Counter Tear Away Shipper Displays – PDQ

Packaging Prototypes

Plano-Gram Design

Pop Displays


Shrink Sleeves

Stand Up Pouches

Stretch Labels

Structural Packaging Engineering and CAD