Packaging Comp FAQ

Everything you need to know about our on demand packaging comp services :)

Q. Can you make packaging comps and/or mockups with complex contours, adding a clear window cutouts?

A. Absolutely!

Q. Can you print on clear and utilizing CMYK , White Ink and metallic foil packaging comps?

A. Absolutely!

Q. Can you print and contour cut large product packaging comps?

A. Absolutely!

Q. Can you make short-run product labels, including clear and solid comps, that are water resistant?

A. Absolutely!

Q. What is the best way to out-put a production file to your service?

A. It is best to organize your illustrator file components in separate layers, according to the following descending order: die-line/creasing-line on the top layer, all text outlined on the next layer, all images masked properly on the next layer, and finally the background layer. The file must be saved as an EPS in CS3 and not a newer version

Q. What is the turn around time?

A. Typically we aim for five business days or less, depending on our production schedule and unforeseen

Q. How do I know if you can accommodate a special need?

A. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We suggest uploading artwork, and contacting us via email or phone. This process requires us to partner with our potential customers, in order to decide if the client goal can be achieved. We will then determine whether we are best suited to meet your business needs.

Q. Artwork is extremely confidential, can we trust you?

A. Yes! We will not share personal information and/or artwork with any third parties. We may archive your artwork for reproduction, everything is kept data storage that is inaccessible and cannot be retrieved via Internet. Files in cloud servers are either purged or deleted after download is complete. If it is necessary to share anything with a third party who may be involved in production, we will seek your consent prior to doing so.

Q. Are you a print brokerage?

A. No. We are a high/low tech studio with creative brand and product developers that are passionate about bringing your ideas to life. We work with packaging designers, inventors, and brand managers, in order to seamlessly advance their product launch operations, by means of materializing their creative concepts into tangible working packaging comps. Everything is done in-house, only under very special and rare circumstances will we use a domestic affiliate to assist with a technology and/or process that is unavailable.

Q. Can you give a quick run down list of your service capabilities?

A. Sure.  We do short runs, low-cost/high quality sales samples, mockups, consumer product comps, packaging prototypes, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, POP, bread bags, candy wrappers, clear pouches, clear label, regular labels, folding carton, corrugated cardboard, stand-up pouches, shrink labels, shrink sleeves, shrink films.

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