Prototype Packaging Done Fast

Prototype Packaging

Amy’s Kitchen requested a few folding cartons, various SKUs and sizes, that could be completed quickly. 2D8Creative readily and enthusiastically accepted the challenge. 2D8Creative delivers advice, products and services that will only empower companies and professionals to achieve faster, cost-effective, and superior on-demand “retail shelf-ready” manufacture quality packaging mockups. We can work in short runs and on-demand,  whether you need one or one thousand, we have you covered.

2D8creative has a proven ability to develop innovative technologies that simplify what can be a cumbersome and complicated process.

Designers, inventors, Project/product managers understand  the limitations of utilizing office printers, spray adhesive and X-ACTO ® knives, to produce a fair packaging comp. These conventional  processes are obsolete today, when changes, rapid development and efficiency are at the core for a successful operation.

With prototype packaging You do not have to order thousands of products, and develop expensive die-line,  only to find out that you have to make critical changes that will cost you re-printing of the entire order.

With 2D8creative you can order a single mockup or multiples, in order to determine any necessary changes, before releasing the final design. whether you have the actual product or not, we also can help you design branding, structural packaging, and artwork production.

Packaging Prototyping – The Studio at is fully equipped to provide our client with a robust cost-effective professional packaging comps solutions, in short runs and quick lead time.

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