Packaging Mock ups On Demand & in Short Runs…20,3,2 or 1!


Packaging Mock Ups one Demand and in Short Runs –
2D8Creative uses both CMYK and white ink, printed on metalized film to form pouches for food products. Packaging mockups are done in short runs with fast turnaround time. We utilize digital die-cutting,, digital scoring and digital printing to bring you the best possible quality packaging mockups in very short runs to meet your needs. We also do structural design as well as brand packaging design, we help you not only create the product packaging mock ups but we also help you design and build your POP ( point of purchase ) display that will host your volume product in a stand alone display they are almost always very essential to retailers for few reasons, one is have options of how the product will be laid out/displayed in a retail environment as a quick set up stand alone system, two for logistics, such as warehousing and shipping to retail outlets, three is for you to drive volume sales and per minimum purchase order!  . Just call us for more information about how we may help you in preparing your product for mass retailers introduction, from barcode, to palletization to vendor compliance…2D8creative got you covered.

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